Vera Bradley Is Not Who She Never Was


Regular readers will be surprised at my choice of topic for today in this non-compensated post about the little woman's accessory company gone global from the Northeastern Indiana close to where I grew up – Vera Bradley located in Fort Wayne, ...

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Autumn and Bygone Days


In the spring I do, in the autumn I think. We are an urban people now who reckon time passing by the changing of decorations in stores and the types of sales offered by retailers. As a woman who grew up playing, observing, and walking amid overgrown ...

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Hospice Miracles and Malpractice – Part 2

hospital, door, hallway,

Part 2 I have been writing about my emotional roller coaster ride for which I was ticketed by my disabled brother's hospitalization, surgery, infections, and transfer into a hospice program followed by his apparent strengthening and process of recovery. ...

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