Digital Legacy

I have a thing about old letters, images, tawny browns, and filtered light.  They remind me of times gone by and the first stirrings of a history written for women, about women, by women.  Women’s domains no matter how they are parsed were, and largely still are, focused on the home, and relationships among family and a close community.  Legacy of any individual woman depended upon artifacts, often fabric ones, and works created in a woman’s lifetime, letters and diaries, that were displayed or archived by those that remembered her or those who were shaped by her.


Embroidery samplers created by young ladies to showcase their skill with a needle and thread, as well as appreciation of home and their piety, are often the only medium for their words to echo on after a life is over.

Education and literacy had to come to be routine for the average women, and writing supplies had to be priced such that common people could afford paper, ink and the time needed for writing.

It is easy to forget that mass communication is a most recent development.  Histories were carefully composed and facts sculpted for them for centuries. The information that fed and fueled our society and informed our actions and decisions was closely controlled by very small numbers of individuals until but a historical heartbeat ago.

Newspapers and other periodicals increased the amount of information regularly added to our knowledge base at an unheard of rate in the last 150 to 200 years.  Propriety shaped much of the content of these publications and filters were everywhere.

In the last 15 to 20 years personal publishing developed in both print and electronic forms.  Digital information transmission and storage allowed for the generation and consumption of data at a scale unimagined even a decade ago. The size of the dark web of criminal and underworld activity and deep web of information behind firewalls is unknown, but what is available on the open, indexed web is, by itself is creating not only more information than ever before, but of a type never previously collected: the bits and pieces of women’s lives that are creating the first level of a women’s history. The legacy we are writing is not only unique, it is expanding into a new niche.


As some of the women who are creating this new cultural information, we have tremendous influence over the very nature of this new thing we are building and the trajectories that will be built upon beyond our lifetimes.  This new type and level of influence over communication is fortuitous as several constants of the physical world and humanity’s place on that world for the last many centuries are morphing in unpredictable fashion.

We may not be able to anticipate what the future will be, but we have opportunity to influence the changes that are transpiring with an openness and a balance that has not been available to us for millennia if ever.

Fighting Ignorance With Ignorance

Basic information on how culture works,  respect for knowledge, and understanding of science is sorely missing from today’s world.  Even those who purportedly are educated people doing science or creating complex global policies do not understand even the basic concepts of social science.

We cannot fight ignorance with ignorance… for oh so many reasons.

Social science does not work from ideology.  Marxism and Supply-side economics both have ideology at the core of their understanding.  Perhaps Keynes missed things, but he attempted to look at and describe the operation of economic systems.



Real reporting of news and reporting of scientific findings does not have a political viewpoint.  If you see these topics mixed with politics, you are not really looking at news or science.


Paying attention to things you want to lessen will probably have the opposite of the intended impact.  For example, this is why I am not anti-war and instead am pro-peace.  Opposition puts as much energy into the system as support. This is part of why the status quo is so difficult to alter.

Paradigm Shift

You may have heard of paradigm shift.  The paradigm is the overarching premise that unites and generates thought about an organizing principle.  Changing what people do cannot really happen if the beliefs that motivate and promulgate a behavior remain as they have always been.

Pressure from the outside and working from the inside will not change an organizing principle at a systems level.

What We Have

Hierarchy and territoriality typify the way almost everything works in human society.  Contemporary governance, economics, infrastructure, religious practice, and almost everything else assumes competition between, unequal access, and differential worth of different types of people.

I would say things are not going so well when our religion and politics creates war, and when health, education and happiness are afterthoughts once profit is taken.

These are real pressing concerns and I would love to know what other intelligent bloggers and readers think might work to introduce real change.

Stay tuned.  More is coming on this topic this week.  I have a plan.


Answer to yesterday’s question.  2000 people in Nigeria died last week in Boko Haram attacks.






Self-Indulgent Micro-Focus on Piffle Must Stop

There is a problem in the world.  One problem.  We are killing ourselves.

We have an inter-connected world in which tiny, myopic, and dysfunctional communities are chafing from rubbing up against communities with opposing and equally dysfunctional bases.

Once the world was a big enough place that opposing ideologies simply widened the geographic distance between themselves and expanded, as the need developed, into places where humans had not yet settled.  After that was impossible we then overran or exterminated low population densities of peoples who had the misfortune of being where the better armed or larger group(s) decided to expand.

We have now come to a place where we have to find a different, better, survivable method of dealing with the desire to conquer place and people.

No I am not putting forward a solution.   I have ideas as to some of the things that a livable solution might want to incorporate, but I believe that humanity as a whole will have to come up with a solution.  That whole will have to value all life, people who look or think differently from themselves, and all the women from those groups.  This is the only way I can find to a place where we might be able to come up with a viable way to live together and figure out how to survive the next century or two when everything that has been a given for centuries or millennia will change or disappear.

news, newspaper, magazine, coffee,

I believe, and this is personal belief that I would expect any other person to have exactly the same belief, that we are at a very a cultural, earthly tipping point where extinction of humanity and many if not most of Earth’s species along with us is on one side of a narrowing path toward a tipping point where we as a species will fall into rapid movement toward this side or another side where this unsustainable, competitive, territorial, and violence-based cultural system is replaced by a system based on other distinctly different organizing principles such as cooperative distribution systems and speech-based conflict resolution.

All I know for sure is that we cannot continue to exist if the only thing all people do is develop new ways to kill each other and ultimately ourselves.

Solutions anyone?

I know we will need a better understanding of what is going on around us if we are to evolve culturally.  For example,  where do you think the biggest loss of life to terrorism occurred last week?  If you said France, you need to change how and where you get your news.  Your task if you don’t know is to find out where over 2000 people were killed last week.  Let’s all expand our micro-focus beyond our own tiny neighborhoods.

My next post will provide the answer to the question I asked in the previous paragraph.






Another January 8th & Nothing Much Has Changed

Four years ago, mid-morning on January 8th, life in Tucson changed.  We had actually been one of those towns before, but for whatever reasons, the label did not stick.  October 29, 2002 was when a mass shooting, and mass murder, took place at the University of Arizona.  But the attempted assassination of a Congressman and a death of little girl born on 9/11/2001 in the  the mass shooting of 18 and death of six captured the nation’s attention, like so many other mass shootings.

My post on the day of the shooting is here,

My first post about survivor and blogger Suzi Hileman is here,

And from posts from:

January 8 2012: I did not write on the first anniversary.  In that year I had started becoming acquainted with Ashleigh Burroughs who writes the blog, The Burrow, and felt that I just could not  and should not write from Tucson about this event.  This was a time for survivors to speak out if they so chose and that I had no right to write and be some sort of a vulture on the subject.

January 8, 2013

January 8, 2014


Excerpt:from my blog: January 8, 2014 – Tucson

Today I cannot help but to remember how the Old Pueblo came together to support the families of six individuals who lost their lives, and the 12 who lived, but were injured.  I remember standing vigil outside University Med Center down the street from my house at twilight and into the evening that day.  A friend who is a minister led us in prayer.  And I actually prayed and attempted to wrap the survivors in focused loving thoughts and life energy.  I rarely ask God, the Goddess, the Universe for anything.  The only prayer that means anything to me is a prayer to be vessel of good, of light and love.

Good comes from evil if enough of us choose to build it.


I now know a wonderful writer, another Tucson-based blogger, who was critically injured that day in Tucson.  She almost died from her wounds.  She just wanted to bring her little friend, a neighbor girl, to meet Gabby.  If you want a real story of lives impacted by extended clips and semi-automatic weaponry, read her blog post today that is a  letter to Christina-Taylor Green.

End of excerpt.


 The post that says it all:

It Doesn’t Get Any Easier

went up yesterday on my friend’s site.  My heart hurts for her, for so many.

7 Things To Stop Giving A Darn About In 2015

Ok, the word, darn, in the title really means sh*t, and we all know it.  But the expression is so quaint and rooted in women’s culture; I just have to use it.


Darning Needle


I stole the idea for this article from the Huff Po, I did not read their article because that corporation does not pay their writers and that is just plain wrong.  Blog or not, good writing is worth paying for, and, “Yes I know that I ended the previous phrase, which could have been a sentence, with a preposition.”  Sometimes I still use two spaces after a sentence.  Take that grammar and consistency police.

Stealing ideas is a difficult topic to broach.  Intellectual  property is real.  Sacred iconic designs of First Peoples should not be used disrespectfully, or without permission.  Stealing certain previously composed patterns of notes will land you in big fat DMCA prison.  Ideas for a list that bloggers can write about probably does not fall into this subcategory of protected ideas.  Reprinting the entire article that Emma Gray, the editor of HuffPo Women, would be wrong.

Writing this article is not wrong.  In fact, I think it falls into the appropriate use of  “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery” genre of idea generation.  But sincere appreciation is shown through referencing those works from which you have drawn to create a new piece of art, writing, or speaking.

Obviously using a writer’s work (and bloggers are writers, my sweet) without proper permission is theft, so that is also obviously NOT one of the things to which you should give no thought as this year unfolds. Segue to the list this post’s title promises:

7 Things To Stop Giving A Shit About In 2015

(or any other year…)

  1. Celebrity.  If I were going to go for recognition with achievement… well… I can’t even finish this sentence.  I just don’t get it.  Vacuous notoriety for vapid air heads.  Just don’t care.
  2. Having the Right Things.  Right is a world I do not much care for.  I’m on the left of the spectrum.  Right by which decree?  I like nice things but I define right all by myself.  Be comfortable and think about why something is right.
  3. Wearing the Right Things.  Same as above.  Decorate yourself as you wish, with what looks good on you, what feels good.  Polish some old shoes.  Give the money you save to charity.
  4.  Reality TV.  Okay, all TV watchers have some sort of secret peep show relationship with some series.  But…
  5. Faux News. I’m not even going to go here.
  6. What Politicianists Want Us To Do.  Yes, I made up the word politicianist, but it is a good one.  Like capitalists or industrialists, “politicianists”  raise what should be a part of normal society to the ¨uber-absurdity of being all one does supposedly to help others but in fact to serve oneself.
  7. Old Occurrences That Haunt You.  Because, well, we all know that regrets, and allowing the past to haunt us sabotages everything good we can do in the future.

So, just about a week into the New Year, as resolutions drop like flies I just thought this might provide a good replacement plan for a few dear readers.