I am OFFICIALLY Years Behind: An Inverse Bucket List

I am officially years behind in “stuff” I have to do.  My biggest fear is that I will die before I get the really important stuff done.  That is right, I do not fear death.

Digression:  I’ve seen the tunnel, felt the love, and have no worries on that front.

But there is so much I want to pour from my bucket.  I have to finish the book on being a survivor of medical child abuse and get it published.  I have to write a scholarly, flowing, definitive biography of Gene Stratton-Porter.  I have to figure out how to make some real money.  I have to share the story of rising from the ashes of lifelong depression.  I want to write speculative fiction.  Those are the biggies, but when I start enumerating the steps that it will take to get these things done along with catching up with ancillary tasks from my D years, that lasted from 1997 to 2007, I have thousands of items on my list.  Some of these are putting into the bucket but, most pour from the bucket.  There are things I feel I am “supposed” to do before I die.  There is no oppressive “should” looming over me , or guilt for that matter.

Digression #2:  I boxed up all my guilt, and store that box on a closet shelf.

It is just that I cannot stop thinking up new things to do.  My imagination has always gotten me into trouble, but I love the way I think.  A creative mind essentially allows us to practice unlikely or impossible things in our heads.  If some bizarre situation comes up on us in life, well, out of the box thinkers (who put guilt in boxes) may have gone over some similar, or dissimilar, scenario  that spurs a useful thought in the most unusual of situations.

Digression #3 :  In fact, I  confronted Death in my home’s hallway one night, right outside my daughter’s room, when she was a toddler.  No joke.  I demanded that the tall dark, cloaked figure, “Get the hell out of my house!” and, for good measure, I repeated the phrase my mother had mentioned that her foremothers had used to confront evil,  “Greater is he who is within me, than he who rules the world.”    He complied.  It worked.  But that is another story for another time; telling that story is on my Pitcher List list too.

I do not really like the phrase, “Kick the bucket.” What is wrong with the word “die?”  We all do it.  It is a natural part of life.  I will never understand why a people who so vociferously want to impose their Christian beliefs on others are so afraid of the word “death.”    So, in my indubitably obstreperous manner I am creating a Pitcher List of all the things I hope to have pour forth from me before I die, rather than to create a Bucket List things I would like to do before I kick the bucket.

So here it is, the official definition of Pitcher List, according to moi!

Pitcher List  |ˈpiCHər| list|

a list created by a person that she or he would like to accomplish and be able to offer to the world as a life experience before the end of his or her life

Just this week I added several items to my list that would be good to cover through web posts or actual websites, so I can share some info that I think people who stumble upon my blog might find useful.  The first was to create a website My Body, My Vote that encourages those persons of the Fallopian persuasion to link being a woman who has a body with the act of voting to maintain her self-determination  over her own body. (This previous phrase is linked to the as yet nonexistent website, but it will exist soon!  I promise.

Digression #4:  Notice if you will that I did not use the word “control,” nor the word “power,” because there are no unidirectional processes in life, and most things people view as control are false masks and the bravado of buffoons.

But I digress…. I just love that word… it makes me think of meandering down a lilac-bounded, curvy country lane that leads into the past, or to as yet unthought thoughts, but I digress…  so I did a domain search, and found that mybodymyvote.com was not available, nor were the .net. or .org domains available.  I registered mybodymyvote.info and doing something with it soon now resides near the top of my Pitcher List.  I also created a graphic that you can see in my sidebar to the right and an earlier post, that gives you several options for using the image to promote women’s self-determination per health issues.

The other thing I’ve added to my “to do in the next 6 months” list is to blog more on the News and Politics section of BlogHer.com. The attorney equating Liberalism and Hustler just about blew my gaskets!  We need more progressive political posts on BlogHer IMO, and of course I have no sway with them, I’ve just been posting there for a few years.

And whenever I think of BlogHer I think of all the things on my “to do before BlogHer list.”  Leave a comment if you are going to the August 2-4, 2012 conference.  Because so many things on that list involve technology at some level I then start thinking about all the security practices I have to finishing implementing in my blogs and websites.  And when I think about websites… I think about formalizing and blending some minor business sides into my primary business main course offerings.

So much to do… but I know others are in the same situation… well maybe not. How many people have an entire huge shed of possessions that have been packed up for almost 10 (yikes!) years?


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    Now that’s a novel approach! Me, I’m planning to just plug away and I think when I’ve done enough, it’ll time for me to go. Whatever didn’t get done, I wasn’t supposed to do! ♥
    But, I love the pitcher list idea…let them pour out!

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