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    I’m joining you in blogging about politics this month as part of NaBloPoMo. My blog is Crazy Eddie’s Motie News and my angle is sustainablity with a science fiction slant and a Detroit perspective. There’s lots of politics involved in sustainability, so that’s where I am instead of tech, education, or niche.

    • Nancy says

      Great! I will jump on over and check out your blog. The Detroit perspective on sustainability sounds like it should draw in both the curious and the committed. Cool!

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        Thanks for checking out my blog.

        My angle does draw in the curious. New York Magazine had an article promoting Detroit as a tourism destination for the adventurous. In addition to the usual ruin porn and gastronomic journeys, they plugged a bike tour of Detroit’s urban gardens. Imagine that, domestic eco-tourism!

        Of course, I blogged about it.

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    “Go do something this weekend to save our representative democracy.”

    I contributed $20 to the campaign to unseat Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin. Total Recall!

    • Nancy says

      Good for you! I did that a couple weeks ago, too. I usually think out of state contributions are unethical, but when the opposition is totally scumbag, what else could I do?

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