Defining Myself: Progressive, Pissed-off, Action-prone, Multiple Genre Music Lover, and Late Boomer

There is one thing I love about blogging every single day in these monthly blog challenges like NaBloPoMo, and that is finding new blogs that I can learn from.  Dangling participles or not, cross-sectional slices of culture are deserving of a dollop of whipped cream in my book, almost as much serendipitous mind-bending explosions of realization that everything has changed (since some unbounded time in the past that we consciously or unconsciously us as a reference.)  What the hell am I talking about?  Stuff I’ve “discovered” this morning, oh silly one.  It is Saturday.  I intended to write about the complete and utter dishonesty of corporate identities and how they lie with impunity.  But I also intended to write about “self” for GBE2 which I have decided is a dy-no-mite community of women writers and readers in a way that is completely different from so many of the purported communities I see online.  So do bear with me as my first cuppa joe kicks in and I cool down from a quick doggie-dash around a few blocks with my pooch Daisy  before the temps climb to the 102˚F it is expected to get up to today.   It is June in Tucson!  It is 80˚F at 8 a.m. The humidity has risen a bit from a few days ago, thank heavens, to 13%, so it isn’t quite as dehydrating to just breathe as it was.  Did I mention it is hot?

I’m consciously trying to put more of my self into my writing.  I am not disclosing more, in fact I may well disclose fewer personal “facts” as my voice takes on more of my personality.  I know exactly when I found my writing voice.   It was when I wrote Art, Angst & Zeitgeist which I published on July 24th, 2002.  But then I became distracted by a little old thing called War that had evolved from the invasion of Iraq and turned into the occupation of Iraq.  I wrote as Pink Tucson from 2004 to 2007 and published on various blogs, but that was only a part of my self.   My truest depiction of myself is as a Late Boomer.  I can’t help it.  I am from the very top of the demographic birth bubble that was the post WWII baby boom.  That boom peaked in 1957 and I was born smack dab in the middle of that year.  Sid Vicious and I were both born mid-May of that year.  Others in the “oh my god, where are we going to put them all”  year of  1957 include: Judge Reinhold,  Spike Lee, Fran Drescher, Steve Buscemi, LeVar Burton, Melanie Griffith, Gloria Estefan, Lyle Lovett, Vanna White, and Osama bin Laden, Katie Couric… you get the idea.  Not exactly Hippie Boomers, now are we?

I started thinking about compadres this a.m. when I sat down to write.  I then flipped on Pandora and it was on an ambient/new age “station” and when I went to change it over to something that had a better chance of playing Neko Case, Natalie Merchant, or Calexico,  I saw that the piece that was playing on the spa music station was by Rick Wakeman.  My ex from my errant youth imagined himself a Rick Wakeman type guy.  He wasn’t, but he listened to Yes, long after I decided Patti Smith was more my type.   Somehow it struck me as hysterically funny that the trip-meister, rock icon is making elevator and massage music!  This was in juxtaposition to stumbling over, pre-coffee, to a fellow politico, nablopomo sojourner at Crazy Eddie’s Motie News who is big into sustainability, but grabbed my attention with reference to The Mote in God’s Eye  and Van Halen’s Jump.  The inclusion of these two refs suggest that this guy is no spring chicken.  Now, say,  with reference to, er,  Peter Gabriel,  for example, you don’t know if you are talking to some panty waist Gen X-er or a British Art rock devotee from the early-mid 1970s.  But Van Halen?  I resisted the urge to mention him in reference to “Jump” which is the nablopomo theme for this month because he is so 70s and reminds me of all the things I was glad to get away from when I left the mid-west where the 1970s never left.

Okay…. now to get to the corporate liars part of this post”  –  watch this little split cam presentation about how the duplicitous right was trying to set up Planned Parenthood by lying with film so as to have “evidence” for the ridiculous legislation introduced, and defeated, this past week.  They sent this woman out to attempt to entrap a social worker who actually mentioned adoption and was very non-judgmental with a client who was obviously psychotic or an actor.  This is a Huffington Post clip that I found that perfectly captures the lying, manipulation, and attempted entrapment that is mainstream right-wing politics.  The article that highlights the heavily edited sting video is here.


After I watched this comparison video, I did some digging into sex-selective child abuse via a U.S. government statistics in a report entitled, Child Maltreatment 2010, which is available at  It does not exist from what I can tell per the extensive, fifty-state coverage of data in this 200 plus page report.  If there was any sex selective abortion being widely practiced in this country, it would also show up in sex selective child abuse and death, which it doesn’t.  This whole thing is so contrived it would be ridiculous if it wasn’t intended to limit the rights of women to legal and necessary healthcare.

Hmmm….. self?  This was supposed to be a post about “self.”   I guess I’m a  progressive, pissed off, action-prone, multiple genre music lover, and Late Boomer.


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    Hi, loved this! I can hear your passion in your words. I too am going to blogher – I imagine there won’t be many of us midlife/boomers attending. Hope to connect with you there. If you’re interested in attending a midlife blogger party, send me an email and I’ll get you an invite.

    • Nancy says

      Thank you! Congrats on your HuffPo gig, by the way. Would love to attend the midlife shindig. Will send you an email soon, but Hubby is feeling neglected ’cause I’m weekend writing, so it will have to wait for a bit.

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    I loved all of this, but I’m sure you won’t be surprised that my favorite sentence here is this: “But I also intended to write about “self” for GBE2 which I have decided is a dy-no-mite community of women writers and readers in a way that is completely different from so many of the purported communities I see online.”

    The GBE really is awesome, and it’s all about the people. Great people!

    • Nancy says

      Well, of course you are biased! You should be, and you should be proud, the community you have built is wonderful, and welcoming, even to Johnny come latelies (did I spell that right, it doesn’t look right) like myself. :-)

  3. says

    You’re good. I am indeed a late Boomer born in 1959, so I resemble your remark. Also, thanks for linking to my blog. I’ll have to return the favor. As for people born in 1957, also add Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, and Sharon Stone. Sex, sex, and more sex!

    • Nancy says

      LOL. …and drugs and rock and roll!!!! I think I coined the term late boomer, and I certainly “popularized” it, so I can spot ’em (us) a mile away. Your additions to the list are very important. Don’t know how I forgot ’em. Link if you feel it is appropriate, I appreciate anyone who thinks enough of myn writing to link…but linking automatically just creates reputation inflation and isn’t sustainable. I am glad to have found your blog. Hasta.

      • says

        I’ve seen “late Boomer” before on If you haven’t gone to the site or read the book it promotes, you should. Both are all about generations and their place in history. The authors managed to get one of their generational names, Millennials, to stick. As for weather the next generation to come along will end up with the name their fans coined, Homelanders, is still up in the air.

        Another term for us is Generation Jones, although it combines the late boomer with the Early Xers.

        • Nancy says

          Yes it is in the vernacular now…. but back in ’97 / ’98 it wasn’t. I spent several years pushing the term. I’ll check out the site. thx.

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