Six Months until the World Ends

I don’t actually think so; the world will be much the same on Dec. 22nd, 2012 as is was the day before. I’m planning a party for December 22nd of this year, but the apocalypse aficionados are hopeful that I’m wrong. There are some seriously demented folks out there and they seem to want horrible things to happen this year in some kind of end times death wish. The same jokers that want endless war and glorify its pursuit on the History Channel are also promoting the end of the world, Revelations-inspired, fear-porn in their lighter fare, too, in the likes of the “Ancient Aliens” series.

I mean, really, come on now, the same jokers that bring us the psycho-babble of the “theorists” in the cable series, Ancient Aliens with its “ancient astronaut theorists say” or “ancient astronaut theorists believe” on the History Channel that I personally believe is the perfect fodder for a drinking game. Down a shot every time the phrase “ancient astronaut theorists..” plus your choice of verb is uttered. Each participant chooses one of the most likely to be used verbs such as: believe, contend, suspect, suggest…. and so on. You might want to have some sort of handicap per the greater occurrence of the word “believe” over other words.

But I digress, and I haven’t even really started to cover today’s topic, which is the psycho-babble of the purportedly world-ending Winter Solstice this coming December. The only apocalypse I can envision is the Zombie Romney Apocalypse that would accompany a Willard Mitt win in November. Now that is scary!

Feel free to listen to the following REM music video while you read the rest of the post.

I want you all to ask yourself the question, in conjunction with the Presidential candidates,
“Which man, Obama or Romney, you would rather see in office if the end of the world as we know it happens to be on the predestination palette for six months out:

  1. O) A man who has traveled all over the world and was raised by a mother who was an anthropologist, R) or a man whose ancestors thought the Great Salt Lake in Utah, of all the God-forsaken places, was the promised land, and whose only survival skills have been honed by being a missionary in Paris?
  2. R) A man who, in this own words, “knows how to read a balance sheet,” O) or the Commander-in-Chief who got bin Laden?
  3. because of alien invasion and there is a need for negotiation…O) a skilled orator and negotiator, R) the most boring man in the world?”

I think you get my drift.

But the progressive politicos could also benefit from mass manipulation of public gullibility by also employing alien contact to their benefit. Paul Krugman actually suggested this on Bill Maher the other day.


Anyway, in case you didn’t watch this embed, he jokingly suggested that the Obama administration could solve our economic woes by creating jobs building and repairing infrastructure, such as light rail, schools, and roads by floating the implication that we are preparing for some kind of alien contact that may or may not be friendly, but for which we have to be ready, as a way to get the country behind a jobs program.

Excellent idea Krugman! I just wish we didn’t have to play to the lowest common denominator. We used to aspire to greater things as a people.


  1. says

    Those videos look familiar. I’ve used the first in a post about the failed Rapture last year and one with the same subject matter for a post comparing Krugman to Adrian Veidt AKA Ozymandius of Watchmen. That second video has been taken down, so I might just replace it with the video you used.

  2. Nancy says

    REM is always good. The Bill Maher video should be up and available for quite some time. Great minds…. and all that. :0)

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