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BlogHer Logo 2010

The BlogHer logo that went live in 2010

Over the next two weeks, I mainly will be posting about All Things BLOGHER.  I may post about a couple other events and or topics, but… throughout the rest of July, I will be posting about my experience at the BlogHer events and how interaction with this network and through this network have influenced me over the years.  

I did not know about the 2005 conferencealthoughIhad been blogging for several years at that time.  I tried to attend in 2006, but my husband and I were not getting along well at all at that time, and we had a huge fight about spending the money for me to go.  I ended up bowing out of the podcasting that I had volunteered to do at the conference, and did not attend.The firstBlogHer conference I attended was at the end of July 2007.  Things looked a bit different back then.


The conference banner from 2007 showing the colorful logo as it was way back when.

My very first BlogHer conference post went upon JULY 27, 2007


I’m atBlogHer 07. Arrived last night quite late and have been busy every moment since then. Amazing women per media, politics, technology, business…. The over-layer of corporate gloss conceals a significant network of progressive women.

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    • Nancy Hill says

      Thanks Carol. And if she had slowed down a bit, used her walker or cane at night, and not broken hip, for the second time, she could easily have lived to her 100th birthday this October.
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