I Am Here – #BlogHer14

I have arrived!  Well, sort of.

I am here at the 10th annual BlogHer Conference.  And I think I am connected.  Wired.  Tuned in and ready for most things.

There are important people here who know me.  Grace Hwang Lynch said, “Hi Nancy!”  I couldn’t remember her name I was so floored that she knew my name.  Political Editor at BH.  What a time to have a brain fart!

Elisa is a sweetie who convinced me at Wordcamp Phoenix that I am not a nobody.  She actually was insulted that I thought she would not know me.  She didn’t say this.  I read her micro-momentary expressions.  Oh my Goddess I thought, “Now I’ve done it – I insulted one of the co-founders of BlogHer. ”

Lisa said, “Hi Nancy, I was thinking ‘Who is that Brunette?'”  She knew I changed my hair color.”  Wow, two of the co-founders know my name… and hair color.

And I know people. Jan, Mimi, Chloe

And I have friends here.  Real friends.  There are people who want to meet me!  There are people I don’t know who read my blog.

I’m gonna bawl all over the page if I’m not careful.

I may not be famous, or a speaker, or a brand, or a media company, but I am a writer and these women are my tribe.

And I think I am having a clarifying experience at this BlogHer.  I think my ability and passion are starting to align.


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