Along the Way Were Images of Rainboots and Love

Nuts and rain boots

Nuts and Boots – © 2014, Nancy Hill


I have to tell you that I have fallen in love with the place my step-daughter lives… and some of the material items with which she has almost accidentally decorated her home.

Above you see the loveliness that may be found on her front porch.

Sometimes materialism gets a bad rap.  Material items reflect our lives.  Art, beauty and love can be found in the physical spaces and objects with which we surround ourselves.

Rain-boots.  Classically constructed, sturdy, casually slipped off, probably with an obedient gesture accentuated with a flourish of a toe-flip by a three-year old racing into the house to announce a discovery made at the bottom of a puddle.

I can almost hear my deep breath sigh that accompanied this photo.  The strong decking of the front porch on a well constructed home.  “Loved ones are doing well as I snap a picture that reflects shoes and home, a solid foundation for grandchildren, well-cared for, quite comfortable, and much loved.”

A casual scatter of chestnuts gathered then dumped with careless abandon when the bucket was needed for another mission by a couple of very busy three-and-a-half year old sisters contains reminds me of the connectedness of all things… Longfellow’s spreading chestnut tree and the at times not-so-random scatter of matter in the universe.

A William Carlos Williams poem inspires me to notice such moments.  I am sure you know it.

The Red Wheelbarrow

so much depends 

a red wheel 

glazed with rain 

beside the white 

 I feel so fortunate to have seen this moment of art and love, to have captured it, and to be able to share it. Namaste my friends.  Namaste.




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