Photo Similarities Between the Times of the Great Depression & Great Recession

        Spent some time today looking at National Archive photos and Wikimedia Commons pics and found these parallel pics.   Dorothea Lange's photos of the Dust Bowl, Migrants in California, and the general sadness and … [Read more...]

Home Sweet Virtual Village

I can’t begin to do justice to any detailed explanation of just what the heck the metaverse is. But this sort of limitation has never stopped me. I’m absolutely sparkling with energy whenever anyone mentions virtual worlds. We’ve had virtual worlds … [Read more...]

Gonna March, Gonna Dance!

The think I like about women's activism is that it is like a bouncy session on a trampoline.  I visualize it as women standing on a web or net that overlays a map of the country or globe.  As a woman here or there becomes less active and sinks to a less … [Read more...]